Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello, hello, helloooo!!! How are all my fashion enthusiasts doing today? It's hump day and once again time for my WCW and today's crush is no other than the beautiful Idylle of Art Becomes You (which I renamed to pregnancy becomes you and you will soon understand why) . Goodness me, no one makes pregnancy look easy and glamorous like this lady, while I spent most of my pregnant months in Kabas, bobous and sweat pants, Idylle proves that being glamorous and stylish doesn't end with a baby bump :). Read on to know a few things about her and find her at the following links for her killer body and style .

What is the best fashion advice you can give/ or ever got?

Best fashion advice I could give- Never be afraid to break the rules. Set trends and even when you follow them add your own flair to it. Confidence can make a look go from zero to a 100 real quick!

What is your favorite meal?

Gosh! Can I pick 5? lol I love my food. Ndole and ripe plantains, Ekwang or Eru and Garri. Camer flavors stay winning ( Am right there with you girl lol)

What would your ideal day be like?

Ideal day would be not having to worry about my alarm clock going off first of all :( It"d be made of good food, good music, a solid WI-FI connection, a glass or two of Prosecco good company and just general good vibes :).

Favorite place/store to shop?

I shop everywhere, if it catches my eye I'll buy it. But I mostly shop from Mango, Asos and Warehouse.

What was the last item you bought?

Yet another pair of everyday flat shoes as my preggy feet seem to have outgrown all my current ones. Urghh! I also bought some Adidas trainers for the same reason :D.


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