Hello  and welcome to my playroom. I am Milly and live on the east coast of the USA.  I love to play dress up and this blog is my play ground. We all don't have the money and time to look like we just stepped out of a fashion magazine and I hope through this blog to inspire the everyday woman or girl to look good on a budget in no time. Dressing up should be fun and we should all take pleasure in looking good. To me style is all about the fit not the size nor prize tag.Size should not be a limiting factor in trying out something new or being fashionable ( I believe women with curves are sexier :) )
The outfit pictures are taken when I can squeeze in the time meaning they are easy to put together by anyone. Unfortunately I don't know how to describe why or how I put these outfits together, I walk into my closet and just pick out what I feel like wearing at that moment. Hopefully the pictures are good enough and inspire you to try some of the styles. So come join me lets PLAY.



  1. You got a lovely blog Milly, you make fashion look easy!

  2. I love your blog because your style is amazing!!


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