Monday, October 26, 2015


As long as the butt is covered this can be turned into a YES
What is your take on the ongoing leggings debate, are leggings pants or not? One woman is making a desperate plea — and it's going viral. Tennessee woman Jamie Higdon Randolph took to YouTube to declare once and for all that "leggings ain't pants." The two-minute rant, which begins with a reminder that "legging' weather" is upon us, goes on to detail the many dos and don'ts of wearing the ever-popular and often-controversial bottoms.

Don't get her wrong, she loves leggings for the same reasons we all do: "they're comfortable . . . they don't cut into you . . . you can dress 'em up, you can dress 'em down." But here's the kicker: "Some of you people like to use leggings as britches, as pants, pants. That ain't how they're supposed to be worn." And, furthermore, "if you can't wear a shirt that covers your tail . . . you don't need to be wearing 'em." Let's just say if ever you had questions about the right and wrong ways to wear leggings, Jamie has some answers for you.
Leggings are a great wardrobe staple that can be dressed up, down or layered as desired fashionable but remember they don't replace pants and due to their stretchy nature can be unflattering on some body types. I do believe skinny people can get away easier with wearing leggings than curvy women yet that doesn't mean everyone can't wear them. See pictures below for proof. 


  1. Skinny or not Leggings are not pants! Love this post! I seriously I see girls wearing leggings with short tops everywhere . Not good. :)))

    1. Hi Andy yes leggings are not pants. Thanks for your input.

  2. thank you for addressing this
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