Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hello dear readers, I am starting a new feature on the blog and it's my women crushes and the first in this segment is no other that the talented, classy and very fashion forward Marion. Check out her blog HERE.

Here is a  snippet into who she is with a few questions

Best way to spend Fridays?

Weekends in general are best spent with my daughter, nieces and nephews. I try to expose them to new things and activities, I unapologetically try to relieve my young days through them.

Best movie?
Bad Boys II. I think I may have watched it 697 (insider)times lol.

Jumpsuit or Dress to a party?
Jumpsuit all day, everyday. I have a special love affair with them and I just love the versatility that comes with them.

Last Item bought?
Hmmm!! Oh Yes, a Halston Heritage black and white dress.

Something weird people don't know about you?
I love food and have very distinctive cravings. I only eat french fries with mayo or cream cheese lol. Don't ask me why :D :D.  This may not be weird but it's something people don't know about me. I am extremely shy (hides face)


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  2. Thank so much. I am truly humbled.

    1. You are very welcome plus your sense of fashion is outstanding.


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