Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Every day we are reminder as to how stupid and unrealistic expectations of the fashion industry are. Last week the story of a 19-year-old Swedish woman, who recently took to YouTube to call out the industry that's labeled her "too big" to model broke out. Standing in front of the mirror and showing off her slim figure, Agnes Hedengard points to parts of her body that she's been told are "big" or "wide" by agencies and clients. And if simply looking at her doesn't make you want to say "WTF?!" perhaps her BMI of 17.5 — a number that's actually very low and often associated with serious health risks (anorexia, bulimia, etc) — will. Personally I think she looks too thin and needs to put on a few but who am I? I don't pull any weight in the fashion world (yet).
The fashion industry has recently made some strides towards promoting and portraying realistic images (think plus size models, making plus size clothes more fashionable, banning too skinny models, etc) but there is still along way to go. I personally love curves and though I love fashion I don't let it define me. I don't care if others think skinny = pretty I do what I like and what works for me and so should you. I do think if everyone stopped trying to conform to these unrealistic rules (like Agnes did by becoming whiff thin and plumping her lips) we can see some real changes. 
See the pictures of Agnes below and be the judge. What do you think?

She was sooo beautiful in her before picture.

Pictures  from Pop sugar and Agnes's Instagram page.


  1. Oh God! She looks ill now. It is shame!

    1. One has to learn to ward off social pressures , society's idea of beauty changes all the time.


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