Thursday, June 4, 2015


If you have a baby, kids or love to cook , I got a great item for you....MAGIC BULLET - BABY BULLET. I love using the Magic Bullet blenders but when I saw their baby version I knew it was something I absolutely had to buy. Just as advertised it worked great at making my own baby foods at home that were so easy to store in their small storage cups that have a date-dial but now that the baby isn't such a baby anymore it's become a stable in my kitchen. Yes, it works great at doing things any regular blender will do only at smaller quantities. The one thing that I absolutely love about this blender is how fine it grinds grains and spices and not to mention smoothies...this is a smoothie master :). I got this one from Target and at a whooping $59.99 what a steal because you save so much money preparing natural food for your baby rather than buying all the canned, expensive baby foods in the store.

Storage Cups

If I wanted to I could grind the black pepper into fine powder
My spices look happy too
Now the smoothies are great
The dial lets you set the date you stored the food
I have been making my own Popsicle too.

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