Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gem Encrusted Shoes

When I saw these pumps  I knew I need something like that in my closet but given that the store is in Poland ......  I decided to recreate the pumps by revamping some old shoes I own.

This is a very simple DIY but takes some time especially if you use small gems/ rhinestones like I did, it works better on velvet, satin and fabric shoes. All you need is:
Gems/ Rhinestones and
Both items are carried by most craft stores. Choose a glue that dries clear.


  1. so beautiful

  2. I love your style and your blog. Im so obsessed with this post. I love it !!
    ❥ ೋ.. I hope you like my blog too. ೋ.. ❥
    Sydney Sleek

    1. Thanks Sydney, your post "The dark side of Me" speaks to me. I love it.


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