Friday, November 2, 2012

What to wear to an Interview

I  have always wandered if what you wear to an interview is more important that your personality or qualifications. I know first impressions count but then you still will have to pass the other tests: Are you likeable and do you know your stuff. While searching for a new job a couple of months ago, I decided to experiment on thist. Given that I work in such a conservative field(IT) where most interviewees dress only in black or grey coats, I decided to stand the first interview I wore the brightest pink suite I could lay hands on.
To interview #2 I was dressed like a potential sales manager in a fashion industry with bright blue nails that could be seen feet away and for interview #3, I wore a very girly burgundy dress.At all the interviews (conducted by men) you could see the raised eye brows and little smirks when I got in.
The Results
Either I am very knowledgeable in IT or I am a very likeable person or the interviewers where impressed with my outfits because I got an offer after all 3 interviews. Below are outfits that look like what I wore.

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